The Politics of BioShock Infinite Are All the Worse When Revisited During a Heated Election Year

There’s Always a Man: Jordan Thomas Discusses the Making of BioShock 2 

The Making of Full Spectrum Warrior

Why Video Games Love the Special Forces

Why Max Payne 3 is Rockstar’s Best Game

The Troubling Politics in Battlefield: Hardline

No One Lives Forever: Sexism in Gaming Never Dies

The Last of Us and the Ugly Side of Playing Protector

On the Level: The Prison Cell in Metal Gear Solid

How Cosmo D Humanises New York City 


Lincoln Clay versus The Man

‘Ain’t this a beautiful spot’ 

GTA San Andreas and the Airbrushing of History

Review of Doom

How Uncharted 3 Deconstructed Nathan Drake

Review of Resident Evil Zero

Games Are Bad at Portraying the Police

The Night Before ‘That Dragon, Cancer’

The Making of Manhunt

Resident Evil 2: The Movie

Shut Up, Virginia

No Human’s Sky

Perfect Dark


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